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There is No Point to Artmaking

We all like to be focused on an end goal or outcome, but as far as I can tell there is no point to art making. That is to say there is no particular end goal or final destination. To use a couple of much loved art teacher cliches, it really is more about the journey than the destination. Process over product.

Will all the students through my art program be famous artists? Quite unlikely. So what will they get out of it? These are my hopes:

Enjoyment in their own unique creativity. The sensory experience of paint mixing, smudgy charcoal, cool clay, slippery slurry, rolling ink, revealing a print, splattering watercolours; working frenetically, working meditatively. Knowing that they have these skills to utilise and enjoy forever – famous artist or not.

Empowerment through creative thinking, working through challenges and beholding a finished work. Creativity is active not passive. It is taking matters into your own hands.

We live in a world where so much is created for us, ready on a shelf, nicely packaged for our consumption. I encourage a belief that they can be the creator. Create solutions, think differently, find a better way than is already set out for them (which often happens in my art class). Have confidence in your intuition and innate ingenuity. Be bold, care less about making mistakes, excited to try new things.

Make your world more interesting, see more beauty, appreciate light, form, movement, colour, diversity. Appreciate not just your own, but others artistic endeavours. Communicate when you have no words. Connect and resonate with the world around you.

I hope this goes some way in preparing these wonderful young hearts and minds for a future where creativity, adaptability and innovation will be much required.

There is no point yet every point to art making.

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